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Bollywood – A world of movies, superstars, money and fame is something which is known to everybody. Perhaps, there would scarcely be any Indian who has no idea about what Bollywood is. And when it comes to richest people across the country, many of the Bollywood celebrity’s top’s the list. Bollywood has helped many stars to build their own empire and rule all over it. You will be definitely be amazed knowing the net worth of some of your favorite stars.

Have a look at this top 5 richest actors having a stunning net worth


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Net Worth – Rs.51,000 crores

Shah Rukh Khan popularly known as King Khan not only rules the box office but also rules the hearts of people across the world. With his debut movie Badshah, he gained enormous popularity and after that there was no looking back for him. And now he has an annual income of Rs.256 crores.

Properties owned by Shahrukh Khan: Mannat (His residence which is more like an elegant palace), Red Chillies Entertainment (Film Production Company), Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL TEAM)


Net Worth – Rs.245 crores

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Ms. Universe is a perfect blend of beauty with brains. She has managed her entire career single handedly has she didn’t come from any Bollywood family background which is truly inspiring.  Even after 2 decades, she still rules the industry with her charm.

Properties owned by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Villa in Sanctuary Falls in Dubai, Apartment in Bandra,   luxurious Bentley CGT car.


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Net Worth – Rs.1,950 crores
Salman Khan popularly called as the Bhaijaan of the Bollywood is one of a kind. Apart from giving back to back hit movies, he is also known for his infinite charities and donations. And also runs a non-profit organization (NGO) named Being Human which itself describes a lot about his personality and nature.

Properties owned by Salman Khan: An apartment in Dubai worth crores, Galaxy Apartment located in Bandra, a farmhouse named Arpita Farms


Net Worth – Rs.120 crores

Varun Dhawan, the current chocolate boy of the Bollywood industry has reached at his career’s peak in a short span of time and is known for his choices when it comes to picking up the scripts. When talking of Varun Dhawan net worth, he gradually earns an annual income of Rs.35 crores which is pretty much impressive.

Properties owned by Varun Dhawan: House in Mumbai worth Rs. 20 crores, Audi Q7

Being a true Bollywood fan, we will always be curious to know everything about our superstars be it from what perfume they wear to their net worth. To know more, stay connected to us. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


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