How Many Times CSK won IPL?

Indian Premier League is not just a tournament but an emotion. That too Chennai Super kings have a lot of fan followers across the globe. They are supposed to be the champion team as they have won the title 3 times to the fact that they have good line up in their team. What really matter while picking up the players in Auction? The attributes of the players, whether they can adapt to the conditions or not, and last but not the least, player’s fitness. Franchise cricket is just for entertainment and you all know it. CSK’s owners have been brilliant with the team selection under the captaincy of Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Stay with us to know more about how many times csk won ipl and also their road to glory.

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Why CSK is the Best? 

Indian Premier League posses eight different teams and each team will get to play 14 league matches and they just have to win 7-8 matches to qualify for the next stage. CSK as a team was successful in doing the same for the past couple of years may be due to MS Dhoni’s captaincy. MS Dhoni has been brilliant with his thought process and knows which card to play when and that is the reason why csk is considered to be one of the best teams in IPL.

CSK’s Ban and Comeback

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The team was accused of spot-fixing and was banned from the tournament for 2 years. The franchise owners were involved in the spot-fixing and the board decided to ban the team from playing. This incident happened in 2016 and they announced their comeback in 2018. Again the old team was retained by the owners and Fleming was appointed as the head coach of the team.

The comeback was so strong that they managed to win the title. They were unbeatable in the league matches. Each and every match was a thriller and the key players who held the responsibility of taking their team on a winning streak are MS. Dhoni, Ambati Rayudu, DJ bravo, Faf Duplessis, and Shane Watson. They were excellent with the new ball as well, which became an add advantage for them.

They call cricket as gentleman’s game. So, never ever indulge in match-fixing and things. For all those cricket passionates out there, “work hard, play harder”. Hope the blog has helped you understand how many times csk won ipl. Thanks for reading!


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